Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

Example: A Personal Help Directory

During a project, you may want to access the help volume you are developing, but not expose it to all users on your system. For example, suppose your working directory is /projects/help and your help volume is named Myvolume.

First, create the personal help directory in your home directory where you can register the volume:

mkdir -p $HOME/.dt/help/C

Now create a symbolic link to the Myvolume.sdl file (which is created by the HelpTag software):

ln -s /projects/help/Myvolume.sdl $HOME/.dt/help/C/Myvolume.sdl

You can now display the volume with the following command (regardless of your current directory) because the.dt/help/C directory within your home directory is one of the first places the Help System looks for help volumes.

dthelpview -helpVolume Myvolume