Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


The following commands create a copy of the help on help volume and make its files writable. (Presumably the projects subdirectory already exists.)

cp -r /usr/dt/dthelp/help4help/C /users/dex/projects/NewHelp4Help
 chmod -R u+w /users/dex/projects/NewHelp4Help

To build a new version of the run-time help files, first ensure that the directory /usr/dt/bin is in your search path. Then, change to the new directory, rename the Help4Help.htg file, and run HelpTag:

cd /users/dex/projects/NewHelp4Help
mv Help4Help.htg NewH4H.htg
 dthelptag NewH4H

When the HelpTag software is done, you can display the new help on help volume using this command:

dthelpview -helpVolume NewH4H