Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

For Authors

  1. A final version of the run-time help file was created.

    Here are the recommended commands for creating the run-time file:

    dthelptag -clean volume
     dthelptag volume nomemo onerror=stop

    The -clean option removes files from any previous dthelptag command, the nomemo option ensures that writer's memos are not displayed, and the onerror=stop option stops processing if any parser errors occur. You should not distribute a help volume that has any parser errors.

  2. All hyperlinks have been tested.

    Each hyperlink displays the proper topic or performs the correct action.

  3. Execution aliases have been defined for execution links.

    Execution aliases are defined as resources in the application's application defaults file. An execution alias associates a name with a shell command to be executed. If you have used execution links in your help volume, coordinate with the application developer to add these resources to the application defaults file. For more information, refer to "Execution Aliases".

  4. All graphics are acceptable.

    The graphics have been tested on various color, grayscale, and monochrome displays.