Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

Create Run-Time Help Files

The text files you write must be "compiled" using the HelpTag software to create run-time help files. It's the run-time help files that are accessed when the user requests help. Run-time files use the Semantic Delivery Language (SDL) format. This delivery language is based on an SGML document type definition designed expressly for online information delivery.

The Help System defines desktop actions and data types for help-specific files. This lets you easily create a run-time file from your desktop by selecting the icon of a help source file and choosing a menu command that processes the file. A .sdl extension is used to identify run-time help files. If any errors occurred during processing, they are reported in an error file (volume.err).

Refer to "Creating Run-Time Help Files" for complete instructions to create a run-time help file. For general information about desktop actions and data types, refer to the CDE Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide.