Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

helplang.ent File

The helplang.ent file defines text entities used by the Helptag software to determine the default locale and character set for a help volume. See "Locale and Character Set"to learn how to specify a language and character set for your help volume.

The helplang.ent file also defines text entities for default strings such as Note, Caution, and Warning. If you want to override the English strings built into the HelpTag software, copy the file and localize the strings. The file is located in the directory /usr/dt/dthelp/dthelptag.

Here is an excerpt from the helplang.ent file:

<!ENTITY LanguageElementDefaultLocale          SDATA "C.ISO-8859-1">
 <!ENTITY NoteElementDefaultHeadingString       SDATA "NOTE">
 <!ENTITY CautionElementDefaultHeadingString    SDATA "CAUTION">
 <!ENTITY WarningElementDefaultHeadingString    SDATA "WARNING">
 <!ENTITY ChapterElementDefaultHeadingString    SDATA "Chapter">
 <!ENTITY FigureElementDefaultHeadingString     SDATA "Figure">
 <!ENTITY GlossaryElementDefaultHeadingString   SDATA "Glossary">