Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

HelpTag Software

When you process a help volume to create run-time help files, the HelpTag software must be told what language and character set you used to author your files. The language and character set information is used to determine the proper fonts for displaying help topics. If you do not specify a language and character set, HelpTag assumes the default, which is English and ISO-8859-1.

The language and character set can be defined in the helplang.ent file (see "helplang.ent File"). Or, the character set can be specified as an option on the command line when running dthelptag in a terminal window.

Note -

When writing HelpTag files, you may use multibyte characters for any help text. However, the HelpTag markup itself (tag names, entity names, IDs, and so on) must be entered using eight-bit characters.