Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

Create the Master HelpTag File

  1. In the build subdirectory, create a text file whose name is of the form volume.htg. In this example, the file is named voiceact.htg.

  2. In the .htg file, define entities that associate the names of the Commands and Metainfo files with entity names. Also, define any entities that are used (either directly or indirectly) in the Commands and Metainfo files. Finally, refer to the Commands and Metainfo files by their entity names.

    In this example, the contents of the voiceact.htg file look like this. The text within the <!--...--> elements are comments, which are ignored.

    <!-- Declare an entity for each of the source text files. -->
    <!entity MetaInformation     FILE   "Metainfo">
     <!entity Commands            FILE   "Commands">
     <!-- Define an entity that names the product and includes
          the trademark symbol (&tm;). -->
     <!entity product  "VoAc&tm; Voice-Activated Remote Control">
     <!-- Include the text files. -->