Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

To Add a Topic to the Hierarchy

    To add another topic at the same level, repeat the same element.

Or, to add a subtopic (a topic one level deeper in the hierarchy), use the element that is one level deeper than the preceding topic.


If the current topic is an <s1>, enter a subtopic using <s2>.

<s1 id=getting-started>  Getting Started

 <s2 id=starting-the-program>  Starting the Program
 Here's the body of the first subtopic.
 <s2 id=stopping-the-program>  Stopping the Program
 Here's the body of the second subtopic.

The second <s2> is also a subtopic of the <s1>.

Note -

Sometimes a parent-child-sibling metaphor is used to describe the relationships between topics in a hierarchy. In the preceding example, the <s1> topic is the "parent" of both <s2>s (the "children" topics). The two <s2>s are "siblings" of one another. All three topics are "descendents" of the home topic.