Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

To Create a Text Entity

  1. Declare an entity as follows:

    <!entity Entityname  "text"> 

    Where Entityname is the name of the entity and text is the string that you want substituted for every reference to the entity. Remember, all entity declarations must come before any other markup in your help volume.

  2. For each location where you want the text string to be inserted, enter the entity reference as follows:


    The & (ampersand) and ;(semicolon) characters are required for the HelpTag software to properly recognize the entity reference.


The following line declares a text entity named Assoc that contains the string "Society of Agricultural Engineers":

<!entity Assoc "Society of Agricultural Engineers"> 

The following sentence includes a reference to the entity:

Welcome to the &Assoc;.

When the help volume is processed with the HelpTag software, the entity reference is replaced with the value of the entity. So, the sentence reads:

Welcome to the Society of Agricultural Engineers.