Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


Subsection (<s1>, <s2>, ... , <s9>): Starts a topic in the hierarchy.


<sn [id=name]>heading
topic text...

Where n is the level number (1, 2,..., or 9).

Topics entered with <chapter> can have subtopics entered with <s1>, <s1> topics can have <s2> subtopics, and so on. You cannot skip a level.

The heading for a section can be on the same line as the <sn> tag or on the next line; a heading is required. Text within a section is optional.

The end tag is usually omitted, but in some instances the end tag may be necessary. For example, when a section is followed by an <rsect> element that is on the same level, an end tag for the section is required. Without the end tag, the <rsect> element would be considered a subsection of the section preceding it.


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