Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


New paragraph: Starts a paragraph that is indented or wrapped around a graphic.


<p [indent] [gentity=graphic-ent [gposition=pos]
 [ghyperlink=gid [glinktype=type]]] [id=id] >text...



Optional. Specifies that the paragraph be indented 6 spaces from the current left margin.


Optional. The name of a graphic entity around which the paragraph is to be wrapped. The gentity parameter and graphic-ent value are required if the gposition, ghyperlink, or glinktype parameter is used.


Optional. Either left or right to indicate whether the optional graphic is to be left-justified or right-justified.


Optional. Specifies that the graphic be a hyperlink and specifies the destination of the hyperlink. The ghyperlink parameter and gid value are required if the glinktype parameter is used. Follows the same usage as the hyperlink attribute in the <link> element. (The id value, not the gid value, would be used to reference this paragraph's location.)


Optional. Specifies the type of hyperlink. The default type is Jump. Other type values include JumpNewView, Definition, Man, Execute, and AppDefined. Follows the same usage as the type attribute in the <link> element.


Optional. Defines an ID name that can be used in cross-references to this location.


The text of the paragraph that wraps around the graphic.

Use the <p> element if you need to indent a paragraph, wrap the paragraph around a graphic, or use a run-in head style paragraph.

An optional <head> can be used with <p>. If you intend to create a cross-reference to the element using <xref>, a <head> tag is required. Use the <head> and <\head> tags to delimit the heading text.

A <\p> end tag is not required.


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