Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


Entity declaration: Assigns an entity name to a string of characters or to an external file.


<!entity entityname "string"> 


<!entity entityname FILE "filename"> 

An entity name can contain up to 64 letters, digits, and hyphens. Case is not significant in entity names, but is often used to improve readability for the author. The first character must be a letter. No space is permitted between the < ( left angle bracket), ! (exclamation mark), and entity in an <!entity> declaration.

Entity declarations must always precede any other markup or text in the help volume.

Where you want the defined entity to appear, insert an entity reference using this syntax:


The entity reference consists of an & (ampersand), followed by the entity name (as defined in the entity declaration), and ends with a ; (semicolon).

Purposes for Entities

There are four common reasons for defining an entity:


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