Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide


Glossary: Starts the glossary section which contains the definitions for all the terms that are marked with the <term> element.


<dterm>first term
 definition of first term can continue over multiple lines or paragraphs

 <dterm>second term
 definition of second term ...

"Glossary" is automatically used as the heading for the glossary section.

A <dterm> element identifies each term and its definition.

All terms marked with <term> without the nogloss parameter are required to be in the glossary. If the term is not in the glossary, omitted terms are listed in the volume .err file, which is created when you run HelpTag.

An end tag for <glossary> is not required.


Here is a simple glossary with two definitions:

 A combination of contradictory words.
 Being in fact the thing named. Authentic.

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