Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

Attribute List Declarations

An attribute list declares additional properties that further describe an element. An attribute list declaration has the syntax:

<!ATTLIST element_type attribute_values default_value> 

For example, a list element has four attributes: type, ordertype, spacing, and continue. Values for each type are declared. The last column shows the default values. Because only one value exists for the continue attribute, a default value is omitted.

<!ATTLIST list type      ( order 
                            check )       bullet
               ordertype ( ualpha
                            lroman )      arabic
                spacing   ( tight
                             loose )      tight
                continue  (continue)    #IMPLIED >

This markup creates a numbered list (uppercase alphabet) that supplies extra spacing between list items.

<list order ualpha loose>
          <partext>Introducing the Front Panel></partext>