Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

To Show a Computer Listing

For computer listings that do not contain any special character sequences that will be interpreted as HelpTag markup, use the <ex> (example) element as shown:

<ex size>
Computer text here.

For computer listings that contain special character sequences used by HelpTag, use the <vex> (verbatim example) element as shown:

<vex size>
Computer text here.

The optional size attribute, which determines the size of the font used to display the example, can be specified as smaller or smallest.


Here the <ex> element is used to represent a directory listing in a terminal window.

In this tutorial, you will edit these graphics files:
H_ActionIcons.xwd     H_HelpWindows.xwd
H_AppHelp.xwd         H_Hyperlinks.xwd
H_Canonical.xwd       H_Icons.xwd
H_FrontPanel.xwd      H_InlineGraphic.xwd

The markup produces this output:


Line breaks appear where you enter them in your source file. If the example is too wide for the help window, a horizontal scroll bar appears so the user can scroll to see all the example text.

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