Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide

To Create a Figure

  1. Declare a file entity to identify the image file to be included in the figure.

    <!entity graphic-entity FILE "filename.ext">  

    Remember, all entity declarations must come before any other markup at the top of your help volume.

  2. Use the <figure>element as shown:

    <figure entity=graphic-entity> 
     caption string

    Where graphic-entity is the entity name for the graphic file you want to display, and caption string is an optional string. Caption text is displayed above the graphic.

    By default, figures are numbered and the number is prepended to your caption string. To create a nonnumbered figure, include the nonumber parameter (as shown in one of the following examples).

    If you want the figure to be a hyperlink, use the ghyperlink (graphic hyperlink) and glinktype (graphic link type) parameters as shown:

    <figure entity=graphic-entity ghyperlink="id" glinktype=type>
     caption string

    The ghyperlink and glinktype parameters work just like the hyperlink and type parameters for the <link> element.


For these examples, assume that you've declared these two file entities at the top of your help volume:

<!entity FirstPicture  FILE "first.tif">
 <!entity SecondPicture FILE ""> 

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