Using Power Management

Starting the dtpower Power Manager Program

You can use the Power Management program, dtpower, to do the following tasks for your system:

If dtpower is already running, it may appear on your desktop as this icon:

Figure 3-1 dtpower Icon


If you need to start dtpower, or need to start it again as superuser to make changes, perform one of the following procedures.

To Start dtpower From the Command Line
  1. Become superuser by typing:

    example% su Password: root_password

    You must become superuser before you can modify any settings in the Power Management software. Otherwise, the dtpower window only allows you to check current system power settings.

  2. Start dtpower by typing:

    example% /usr/openwin/bin/dtpower &

To Start dtpower From a CDE or OpenWindows Menu
  1. Select Power Manager under the Programs option in the Workspace menu.

    For more information on the Workspace menu, refer to the Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide or the Solaris User's Guide.

    Remember that you cannot modify settings in the Power Manager window unless you started dtpower as superuser.

To Start dtpower From the CDE Application Manager
  1. Scroll up the Applications menu from the Program icon.

  2. Select the Applications icon from that menu.

  3. In the Applications Manager window select the System_Admin icon.

  4. In the System_Admin window select the Power Manager icon.