Using Power Management

Setting Device Idle Time

You can specify the length of idle time before a system device (such as a screen) starts using uses its low power mode. To do this, change the threshold field in the /etc/power.conf file.

To Change the Length of Idle Time
  1. As superuser, edit the /etc/power.conf file. Type:

    example# vi /etc/power.conf

  2. Modify the desired entry.

    The idle threshold for the keyboard and mouse devices has been revised to be 300 seconds (5 minutes) in the /etc/power.conf file, as shown below.

    # Power Management Configuration File
    # Putting an entry in this file will only be effective if the 
    # driver for the device supports device power management. 
    # After the file is modified, pmconfig(1M) command must be
    # executed to activate the new change.
    # Fields must be separated by white space or semicolons.
    # Note that physical dependents are automatically considered
    # by the power management framework.
    # Name           Threshold(s)       Logical Dependent(s)
    /dev/kbd         300
    /dev/mouse       300
    # NOTE: The entries below are only used when no window
    # system is running. When running the window system, monitor
    # power management is done by the screen saver functions.
    /dev/fb          0 0         /dev/kbd     /dev/mouse
    # Auto-Shutdown  Idle(min)  Start/finish(hh:mm)  Behavior
    autoshutdown     30          9:00 9:00           default
    statefile        /.CPR

  3. Inform the Power Management framework of the new settings by typing:

    example# /usr/sbin/pmconfig

    Running pmconfig informs the Power Management framework of the new setting according to the thresholds that are now defined in the /etc/power.conf file.