OpenBoot 3.x Command Reference Manual

Using dl to Load Forth Text Files Over Serial Port A

Forth programs loaded with dl must be ASCII files.

To load a file over the serial line, connect the test system's serial port A to a machine that is able to transfer a file on request (in other words, a server). Start a terminal emulator on the server, and use that terminal emulator to download the file using dl.

The following example assumes the use of the Solaris terminal emulator tip. (See Appendix A, Setting Up a TIP Connection", for information on this procedure.)

  1. At the ok prompt of the test system, type:

    ok dl

  2. In the tip window of the server, type:


    to obtain a command line with which to issue a Solaris command on the server.

    Note -

    The C is case-sensitive and must be capitalized.

    Note -

    tip will only recognize the ~ as a tip command if it is the first character on the command line. If tip fails to recognize the ~C, type Enter in the tip window and repeat ~C.

  3. At the local command prompt, use cat to send the file.

    ~C (local command) cat filename
    (Away two seconds)

  4. When tip displays a message of the form (Away n seconds), type:


    in the tip window to signal dl that the end of the file has been reached.

    dl then automatically interprets the file, and the ok prompt reappears on the screen of the test system.