OpenBoot 3.x Command Reference Manual

Common Problems With TIP

This section describes solutions for TIP problems occurring in pre-Solaris 2.0 operating environments.

Problems with TIP may occur if:

There should be a directory named /usr/spool/uucp. The owner should be uucp and the mode should be drwxr-sr-x.

The status field for TTYB (or the serial port you are using) must be set to off in /etc/ttytab. Be sure to execute kill -HUP 1 (see init(8)) as root if you have to change this entry.

Sometimes, a program will have changed the protection of /dev/ttyb (or the serial port you are using) so that it is no longer accessible. Make sure that /dev/ttyb has the mode set to crw-rw-rw-.

If the TIP connection is in tandem mode, the operating system sometimes sends XON (^S) characters (particularly when programs in other windows are generating lots of output). The XON characters are detected by the Forth word key?, and can cause confusion. The solution is to turn off tandem mode with the ~s !tandem TIP command.

TIP opens a sub-shell to run cat, thus causing text to be attached to the beginning of your loaded file. If you use dl and see any unexpected output, check your .cshrc file.