OpenBoot 3.x Command Reference Manual

NVRAMRC Editor Commands

Table I-6 NVRAMRC Editor Commands



nvalias alias device-pat

Store the command "devalias alias device-path" in NVRAMRC. The alias persists until the nvunalias or set-defaults commands are executed.


Enter the NVRAMRC editor. If data remains in the temporary buffer from a previous nvedit session, resume editing those previous contents. If not, read the contents of NVRAMRC into the temporary buffer and begin editing it.


Discard the contents of the temporary buffer, without writing it to NVRAMRC. Prompt for confirmation. 


Recover the contents of NVRAMRC if they have been lost as a result of the execution of set-defaults; then enter the editor as with nvedit. nvrecover fails if nvedit is executed between the time that the NVRAMRC contents were lost and the time that nvrecover is executed.


Execute the contents of the temporary buffer. 


Copy the contents of the temporary buffer to NVRAMRC; discard the contents of the temporary buffer. 

nvunalias alias

Delete the corresponding alias from NVRAMRC.