OpenBoot 3.x Quick Reference

File Load & Run Commands

Table 1-9 File Load & Run Commands

boot [specifiers] -h

( -- )

Load file from specified source. 


( adr xt-- )

Interpret a loaded FCode binary file. xt is usually 1. 


( -- )

Load a Forth file over a serial line with TIP and interpret. Type: ~C cat filename ^-D


( -- )

Load a binary file over a serial line with TIP. Type: ~C cat filename

dload filename

( adr -- )

Load specified file over Ethernet to given address. 


( -- )

Begin executing a previously-loaded binary program, or resume executing an interrupted program. 


( -- )

Initialize to execute a binary file. 

load [specifiers]

( -- )

Load data from specified device into memory at the address given by load-base. (See boot format.)


( -- adr )

Address at which load places the data it reads from a device.