SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

enatest Test Modes

Table 11-5 enatest Test Modes

Test Mode 


Connection Test 

In this mode, the host connections and the status 

of the enclosure are checked. The test fails if there are any broken 

connections or if a critical enclosure condition is detected.  

Non-critical conditions result in a warning. A sample of the output follows. 

Connection test starting....



Status: Connected


Product Anemones Enterprise Network Array,

Enclosure Name=MYBOX,

Host Connections:

Number of Active Connections=2,

Enclosure State:

Critical Conditions=None, Non-Critical Conditions=None


Connection test complete


When invoked through SyMON, The Enclosure Services Functional Test is not allowed and the Disk Access option is disabled by default. When the test is invoked through regular SunVTS GUI, all the options are allowed in this mode.