SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

Chapter 15 Frame Buffer Test (fbtest)

fbtest is a generic test for all dumb frame buffers used with the Solaris 2.x and Solaris 7 software.

The fbtest checks the frame buffer by sequentially writing, reading, and verifying small blocks of random patterns across the entire video RAM. The block size is 64 x 64 pixels. If a miscompare occurs, the test stops with an error message that indicates the location of the error.

If a generic frame buffer device name (dvc/fb) is specified, fbtest automatically detects the depth of the frame buffer, and adjusts testing to the frame buffer size.

fbtest Options

Figure 15-1 fbtest Option Menu


Note -

To start SunVTS with vtsui, but without vtsk, you must add the host name to xhost as: xhost + hostname.

fbtest Command Line Syntax

/opt/SUNWvts/bin/fbtest standard_arguments -o dev=device_name lock=E(nable)/D(isable)

Table 15-1 fbtest Command Line Syntax




Specifies which frame buffer to be test.


Enables or disables the window system locking option. See the section about Testing Multiple Frame Buffers in the SunVTS 3.0 User's Guide for details. Frame buffer locking is enabled by default on the window server running the Open Windows software.

Note -

64-bit tests are located in the sparcv9 subdirectory: /opt/SUNWvts/bin/sparcv9/testname. If a test is not present in this directory, then it may only be available as a 32-bit. For more information refer to "32-Bit and 64-Bit Tests".

fbtest Test Modes

Due to the nature of graphic tests, reading from or writing to the frame buffer during graphic tests disturbs user operation. This test is only available in Functional test.

fbtest Error Messages

Table 15-2 fbtest Error Messages


Error Message 

Probable Cause(s) 

Recommended Action 


Data compare error

FB lock is disabled. 

Enable FB lock. 

Bad frame buffer. 

If the problem persists, call your authorized Sun service provider. 


Video memory error at address, expected: number, observed: number

FB lock is disabled. 

Enable FB lock. 

Bad frame buffer. 

If the problem persists, call your authorized Sun service provider. 


Unable to lock frame buffer

FB lock was enabled while the window system was not running. 



can't acquire console semaphore

System load is too heavy. 

Reduce the system load. 

System error. 

If the problem persists, contact your Sun service provider. 


Parameter error - Improper test parameters supplied

fbtest can only run in Functional test.



Device name missing!

Parameter error. 

Must provide device name 


Create_Raster() failed for name

Parameter error. 


No such device. 



Create_Raster() failed for type RAS_CHILD

Operator error. 

Check test options, mode and retry, if appropriate. 

Software error. 

Contact your Sun service provider. 


Malloc failed

System load too heavy. 

Reduce the system load  

System error 

If the problem persists, call your authorized Sun service provider.