SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

nettest Options

Figure 22-1 nettest Option Menu


The Configuration section specifies the host name, host ID, host address, and domain name of the system being tested.

Table 22-1 nettest Options

nettest Options


Target Host 

Specifies one or more targets to be tested against. Target host entries can be either a host name or an Internet address. When no target host is specified, the test finds necessary targets through broadcasting. The default setting leaves this field empty. 

Receive Timeout field 

The default is 120 seconds, but can be changed. Use a range between 0 - 600 seconds. 

Number of Retries field 

The default number of retries before flagging an error is three, but can be changed. Use a range between 0 to 128 retries. 

Print Warning 

Disabled by default. Click Enable to see warning errors, such as retry on timeout.