SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

vmemtest Options

Figure 42-1 vmemtest Option Menu


Table 42-1 vmemtest Options

vmemtest Options 


vmemtest Configuration

The amount of memory listed in the configuration field is equivalent to the sum of the used and available swap space amounts returned by the swap -s command. It indicates the amount of virtual memory found, rounded up to the nearest Kbyte.

Test Amount 

An amount can be specified to test the virtual memory, instead of the default. Specifying a number greater than the available memory, can cause vmemtest or other running tests to fail.


Two modes are available:  

  • Regular mode tests the amount of memory and is limited by the amount of physical memory available to the system under test.


  • Page mode tests assign virtual memory one page at a time. Each page is mapped to the temporary file /tmp/ and is then paged out to storage once test data is written. Next, the temporary page is paged back into memory for a read and compare.


When the stress test execution option is selected, the vmemtest allocates the entire assigned system memory (through valloc), writing from beginning to end. The memory is then read back and compared with the original pattern, one long word at a time.


The Reserve option specifies the amount of memory to reserve from being tested by vmemtest. The reserved space is used for other processes running concurrently with the or SunVTS tests. The Reserve option can be used to reserve memory in addition to the default. This option applies only to a specific instance. Trying to reserve more memory than what is assigned to be tested by this instance will cause the test to fail.