SunVTS 3.0 Test Reference Manual

vmemtest Command Line Syntax

/opt/SUNWvts/bin/vmemtest standard_arguments -o mode=type, reserve=number,amount=number,bdinfo=number,cerr=number

Table 42-2 vmemtest Command Line Syntax




Specifies which mode of the vmemtest you want to run; you can choose between page mode, which tells the write/read memory test to proceed one system memory page at a time, and regular, which valloc's the entire assigned memory which is read and compared, one long word at a time.


Specifies the amount of Mbytes of virtual memory to reserve in addition to the default amount. 


Specifies the number of Mbytes of memory to be tested instead of the default amount. 


Provides the board number information for all the CPU/memory boards in the system. For example, if board 0 and board 5 have memory, then the bdinfo=33 (2**5+2**0).


Specifies the maximum number of contiguous errors to be dumped when a memory error occurs. 

Note -

64-bit tests are located in the sparcv9 subdirectory: /opt/SUNWvts/bin/sparcv9/testname. If a test is not present in this directory, then it may only be available as a 32-bit test. For more information refer to "32-Bit and 64-Bit Tests".