NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

Sun Enterprise 150 Server System

The Sun Enterprise 150 server system is a tower workgroup server based on the 167 MHz UltraSPARC(TM) microprocessor. It has the following features:

The Sun Enterprise 150 server system is ideal for an NFS server because it is a high-end workgroup server with high I/O performance and fast system throughput. Figure 2-4 shows a front view of the server.

Figure 2-4 Sun Enterprise 150 Front View


For additional disk storage, you can attach either the Sun StorEdge UniPack or the Sun StorEdge MultiPack to the server. If you need greater amounts of disk storage, use the SPARCstorage Array to the server. For a backup device, use the SPARCstorage Library, which olds ten cartridges in a removable magazine for an average total capacity of 140 Mbytes.