NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

Sun StorEdge A5000 Subsystem

This high-performance and high-availability storage subsystem is designed for the Sun Enterprise 3x00, 4x00, 5x00, and 6x00 family of servers. It replaces the SPARCstorage Array. This subsystem uses 100 Mbit/second Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) to create disk arrays that offer two to four times the performance of SCSI-based disk arrays.

The hardware features of this product are:

The software features of this product are:

This subsystem can store up to 112 Gbytes of information (using 1.6-inch disk drives) or 88 Gbytes of information (using 1-inch disk drives). You can attach up to four disk enclosures using one host adapter. The components in the enclosure are redundant and can be replaced while the subsystem is operating.

Figure 2-13 shows a front view of the array.

Figure 2-13 Front View of the Sun StorEdge A5000 Subsystem