NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

SPARCserver 20 System

The SPARCserver 20 system, introduced in 1994, is designed to be a workgroup NFS file server or a database server in an office environment. It is based on the same MBus and SBus technologies as the SPARCserver 10 system. Performance is increased over the SPARCserver 10 by using faster MBus and SBus technology, and faster SPARC modules. The SPARCserver 20 system has increased computing and network performance.

The SPARCserver 20 system is available in three uniprocessor configurations and three multiprocessor configurations.

The uniprocessor configurations are:

The multiprocessor configurations are:

Figure 2-8 shows the front view of the SPARCserver 20 system.

Figure 2-8 SPARCserver 20 System Front View