NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

Sun StorEdge UniPack

The disk model of the Sun StorEdge UniPack enclosure (Figure 2-15) contains a self terminating hard disk drive. Models containing a tape drive or a CD-ROM drive are also available. The unit is Fast Wide SCSI.

This expansion unit can be used with the following desktop server systems: SPARCstation 5 system, SPARCstation 10 system, SPARCstation 20 system, Sun Enterprise 1 system, Sun Enterprise 2 system.

This unit can be a very good RAID solution for desktop servers when used with Sun StorEdge Volume Manager or Solstice DiskSuite. You can also use this unit with the Netra NFS server for fast and reliable network attached storage.

Figure 2-15shows a front view of the unit.

Figure 2-15 Sun StorEdge UniPack