NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

Specific Memory Rules

Follow these specific guidelines to calculate the amount of memory you will need.

For small installations, this will be 32 Mbytes; for large installations, this will be about 128 Mbytes. In multiprocessor configurations, provide at least 64 Mbytes per processor. Attribute-intensive applications normally benefit slightly more from memory than data-intensive applications.

For example, if each client's temporary file is about 5 Mbytes, and the server is expected to handle 20 fully active clients, configure it as follows:

(20 clients x 5 Mbytes)/75% = 133 Mbytes of memory

Note that 128 Mbytes is the most appropriate amount of memory that is easily configured.

For example, a server expected to provide /usr/openwin should have enough memory to cache the X server, CommandTool,, and libXt. This NFS application is considerably different from the more typical /home, /src, or /data server in that it normally provides the same files repeatedly to all of its clients and is hence able to effectively cache this data. Clients will not use every page of all of the binaries, which is why it is reasonable to configure only enough to hold the frequently-used programs and libraries. Use the cache file system on the client, if possible, to reduce the load and RAM needs on the server.