NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

Using Solstice DiskSuite or Online: DiskSuite to Spread Disk Access Load

A common problem in NFS servers is poor load balancing across disk drives and disk controllers.

To balance loads, do the following:

The disk mirroring feature of Solstice DiskSuite or Online: DiskSuite improves disk access time and reduces disk usage by providing access to two or three copies of the same data. This is particularly true in environments dominated by read operations. Write operations are normally slower on a mirrored disk since two or three writes must be accomplished for each logical operation requested.

Attaining even disk usage usually requires some iterations of monitoring and data reorganization. In addition, usage patterns change over time. A data layout that works when installed may perform poorly a year later. For more information on checking disk drive usage, see "Checking the NFS Server" in Chapter 3, Analyzing NFS Performance.