NFS Server Performance and Tuning Guide for Sun Hardware

Increasing the Inode Cache in the Solaris 2.4 or the 2.5 Operating Environments

If the inode cache hit rate is below 90 percent, or if the DNLC requires tuning for local disk file I/O workloads:

  1. Increase the size of the inode cache.

  2. Change the variable ufs_ninode in your /etc/system file to the same size as the DNLC (ncsize). For example, for the Solaris version 2.4, type:

    set ufs_ninode=5000

    The default value of the inode cache is the same as that for ncsize:

    ufs_ninode (default value) = 17 * maxusers + 90.

    Caution - Caution -

    Do not set ufs_ninode less than ncsize. The ufs_ninode parameter limits the number of inactive inodes, rather than the total number of active and inactive inodes.

    Reboot the system.