Platform Notes: SPARCstation 10SX and SPARCstation 20 System Configuration Guide

Visuals Supported By Openwindows 3.3

When the window system runs in 8-bit mode, it exports the same visuals that are exported by Openwindows 3.3 on other 8-bit frame buffers:

Only one hardware color lookup table is available to be shared by all X11 colormaps.

In 32-bit mode, the server supports a 24-bit TrueColor visual, in addition to all of the visuals present in 8-bit mode.

When the server is started with the following option:

/usr/openwin/bin/openwin -dev /dev/fbs/cgfourteen0 defdepth 8

the default visual, in which the root window is created, is an 8-bit PseudoColor visual.

When the following option is used:

/usr/openwin/bin/openwin -dev /dev/fbs/cgfourteen0 defdepth 24

the default visual is a 24-bit TrueColor visual.