Platform Notes: SPARCstation 10SX and SPARCstation 20 System Configuration Guide

Performance Considerations

The gcache should be used where possible to draw polygons other than triangles.

Not all rendering functions are equally accelerated by the XGL/SX driver. The greatest effort was focused on maximizing the performance of the most useful ones. The following is a necessarily-incomplete list of these. Please note that functions not on this list are not slow; they are just not as fast as they could be in the next release of the XGL/SX driver. If operations that are critical to your application are not in this list, please make a request for their speed to be increased.

Table 4-1 XGL Functions with Performance Considerations
xgl_context_copy_raster()   From window raster to window raster.
xgl_multi_marker()   2D circles of radii 1 to 32 pixels.
xgl_multi_polyline() In 2D, thin lines, solid or patterned, containing no color or homogeneous values, and with XGL_CTX_ROP equal to XGL_ROP_COPY. In 3D, thin lines, solid or patterned, containing no color, flag, homogeneous or data values, not model clipped, clipped to +w only, : and with XGL_CTX_ROP equal to XGL_ROP_COPY.
xgl_multi_simple_polygon() In 3D, triangles. The hint flags must be set to XGL_FACET_FLAG_SIDES_ARE_3.
xgl_triangle_strip() Triangles that have no homogeneous or data values, are not model clipped, : are clipped to +w only, are 24-bit, have edges turned off, are solid and opaque, and have XGL_3D_CTX_Z_BUFFER_COMP_METHOD equal to XGL_Z_COMP_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL.
xgl_context_accumulate()   All operations.