Platform Notes: SPARCstation 10SX and SPARCstation 20 System Configuration Guide

Recommended DSIMM/VSIMM Configuration for the SPARCstation 10SX

  1. The VSIMM can only be installed in slots 4 or 5 on the SPARCstation 10SX. If there is only one VSIMM, it can be installed in either slot 4 or 5. To install the VSIMM in slot 5, an AVB (Auxiliary Video Board) card is required. This card is not bundled with the SPARCstation 10SX.

  2. Always install a 16 MByte DSIMM in slot 0 when you have a combination of 16 MByte and 64 MByte DSIMMs.

  3. If the memory system consists only of 16 MByte DSIMMs. They can be configured in any slots, provided that the first 16 MByte DSIMM is installed in slot 0.

  4. Within a memory bank, always install the DSIMMs in the order of decreasing DSIMM sizes (the ordering does not matter if all the DSIMMs are of the same size). In other words, if there is a combination of 64 MByte DSIMMs and 16 MByte DSIMMs, install the 64 MByte DSIMM in the lowest-number slot, followed by the 16 MByte in the immediate next slot.

When configuring the memory subsystem with 64 MByte DSIMMs and 16 MByte DSIMMs, the following examples can be used as a guide:

System configuration: 1 VSIMM, 2 16 MByte DSIMMs, 2 64 MByte DSIMMs.

This an be configured as:

or be configured as: