Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

After Installing the Packages

After installing the packages, do the following:

  1. Exit the window system and restart it so that the window system loads the newly installed GLX server extension.

  2. To verify that the OpenGL libraries are installed correctly, run ogl_install_check.

    The ogl_install_check test program prints the version of the OpenGL library and renderer used, and renders a rotating wheel. The program returns the following output when it is run on an UltraSPARC Creator3D:

    OpenGL Vendor:             Sun Microsystems, Inc.
    OpenGL Version:            1.1.2 Solaris OpenGL 1.1.2_08

For diagnostic purposes, the following values should be noted anytime that Solaris OpenGL problems are seen:

OpenGL Renderer:               Creator 3D, VIS
OpenGL Extension Support:      GL_EXT_texture3D
OpenGL GLX Server:             Detail Status Report
     GLX:     Context is direct.
     GLX:     OpenGL Rendering in use
     GLX:     Double Buffering in use
     GLX:     Color Buffer (GLX_BUFFER_SIZE) = 24 bits
     GLX:     Depth Buffer (GLX_DEPTH_SIZE) = 28 bits
     GLX:     Stencil Buffer (GLX_STENCIL_SIZE) = 4 bits
     GLX:     RGBA (True Color/Direct Color) Visual in use
OpenGL Library:                Detail Status Report
     Number of color bits (R/G/B/A): 8/8/8/0
     Frame Buffer Depth (GL_DEPTH_BITS):28