Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Translated Documentation

The CD-ROM contains the ShowMe TV User's Guide in the following languages:

Accessing the ShowMe TV Users Guide

The /Docs/showmetv directory on the Supplement CD contains the following files:

Table 3-8 ShowMe TV Translated Documents

File Name 

Description English PostScript(TM) file

German PostScript file

French PostScript file

Spanish PostScript file

Italian PostScript file

Swedish PostScript file

Japanese PostScript file 


Korean HTML files 


Simplified Chinese HTML files 


Traditional Chinese HTML files 

  1. To view the desired PostScript manual, type the following at the command line:

    # imagetool filename

  1. To print the manual, either use the File menu in Image Tool or type the following at the command line:

    # lp filename

  1. To view the manuals in HTML format, use a web browser and type the following in the address field:


If you have copied the HTML files to a different directory, type in the path to that directory. Open the table of contents to determine which file to open.