Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Removing Old Packages

If you have older versions of the Solaris OpenGL software packages, you must use the pkgrm command to remove them. Follow these steps:

  1. Check to see whether any older versions of the OpenGL packages are installed using the pkginfo command.

    The pkginfo | egrep -i "OpenGL" command lists any existing OpenGL packages that you have installed.

    % pkginfo | egrep -i "OpenGL"
    application SUNWffbgl     Creator Graphics (FFB) OpenGL Support
    application SUNWglrt      OpenGL Runtime Libraries
    application SUNWglrtu     OpenGL Platform Specific Runtime Libraries
    application SUNWglwrt     OpenGL Widget Library
    application SUNWafbgl     Loadable pipeline for UPA Bus Elite3D graphics
    application SUNWgldoc     Solaris OpenGL Documentation and Man Pages
    application SUNWglh       Solaris OpenGL Header Files
    application SUNWglut      Solaris OpenGL Utilities and Example Programs
    application SUNWglwh      Solaris OpenGL Widget Header Files

  2. To remove the packages, become superuser:

    % su
    Password: superuser password

  3. Run pkgrm to remove all existing Solaris OpenGL packages.

    # pkgrm SUNWglrt SUNWglh...