Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Notes on Running AnswerBook2 from a CD

The following paragraphs provide important information about running the AnswerBook2 server from the CD.

Default AnswerBook2 Port

The AnswerBook2 server run from the CD always runs on port 8888. If you already have an AnswerBook2 server running on your system using the default port (8888), the ab2cd script will display the following message:

A document server is already running on this system as server:8888.

Shut down the current server before running the ab2cd command. Use the following command to shut down the existing server:

 # /usr/lib/ab2/bin/ab2admin -o stop

Stopping the AnswerBook2 Server Process

Always use ab2cd stop to stop the server running from the CD. Do not use /etc/init.d/ab2mgr stop to stop the CD-based server.

The ab2cd stop command stops the AnswerBook2 server process and cleans up all files in the /tmp/.ab2/ and /tmp/ab2cd_config/ directories. The /etc/init.d/ab2mgr stop command stops all server processes, but does not clean up the files in the /tmp/.ab2/ and /tmp/ab2cd_config/ directories.

Running Two AnswerBooks

To run two AnswerBook2 servers (one on your system, one from the CD), keep these rules in mind: