Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Creating a New Domain

This section contains instructions for creating a new domain.

  1. Log in to the SSP as user ssp.

    The default password is ssp.

  2. When prompted for the SUNW_HOSTNAME variable, specify the name of the domain that you wish to create.

    Ensure that the domain name corresponds with the domain in which the operating system is to be installed. Domain names cannot be longer than 14 characters.

  3. Use the domain_create(1M) command to create the domain:

    ssp% domain_create -d domain_name -b board_numbers -o OS_version -p platform_name

    Where domain_name is the name of the domain specified in Step 2, board_numbers is a list of the system boards to be included in the domain, OS_version is the version of the domain's operating system, and platform_name is the name of the platform as defined during the SSP package configuration.

    Refer to the Sun Enterprise 10000 SSP 3.1 User's Guide for additional information.

  4. Check the power to the domain:

    ssp% power

  5. If the domain is powered off, power on the domain:

    ssp% power -on