Solaris 7 Sun Hardware Platform Guide

Licensing Your Software

The ­Enterprise 10000's domain feature requires different approaches to software licensing when compared to systems that cannot be logically partitioned.

FLEXlm-Based Licensing

License management (the license server) is normally tied to a machine host ID. On an ­Enterprise 10000 system, the license server is tied to the domain host ID. Each domain receives its own domain host ID.

Therefore, if licensing is installed on an ­Enterprise 10000 system, it must be installed in a domain that will not be removed. Adding or removing processors from the domain will not affect licensing, as long as the domain always has at least one active processor.

If licensing ever needs to be moved from one domain to another, the licenses will need to be regenerated using the new domain host ID. This is identical to the situation when moving the license server from one machine to another. This process is called a server move; contact the Sun License Center to request a server move.

For more licensing information, use the following Sun License Center URL:

To obtain the ­Enterprise 10000 system domain host ID, type hostid in a shell window.

Software Licensing Issues

Software vendors may have unique software licensing policies on the ­Enterprise 10000 system. For additional information, contact your service provider.