Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

6.3 Registering a Component With the SNMP Master Agent

To enable mapping of a component by snmpXdmid, the component's MIF file must correlate with an SNMP object identifier (OID) prefix. The OID prefix is a registration point that identifies the DMI component to the SNMP Master Agent.

The correlation of OID to component is performed by adding an entry for the component to the mapping file. The format of the .MAP file is explained in "6.6.3 MIF-to-MIB Mapping". The .MAP files for the Solaris environment are located in the /var/dmi/map directory.

Note -

For the DMI mapper to perform the mapping properly, make certain that the component name field in the mapping file entry corresponds exactly to the value of the name statement specified for the component in the MIF file. This includes such aspects as spacing and the character case in the string.

If any changes are made to the mapping file, one of the following actions must be taken for the DMI mapper to operate with current mapping information:

Note -

If the same component name is repeated in the mapping file with different enterprise IDs, the DMI Mapper maps the component twice.