Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

3.1.4 Registering the Subagent

To register the subagent, the Master Agent binds it to the MIB. The Master Agent then determines its present location, using one of the following methods:

The binding policy relates to the registration of SNMP object identifiers (OIDs). It involves decision-making on the part of the Master Agent when dispatching SNMP requests to various subagents. The Master Agent supports the binding policy, as shown in Table 3-1.

Table 3-1 Binding Policy

Type of Registration 

Method of Registration 

Individual variable registration 

A subagent can manage individual variables 

Row registration 

A subagent can manage each row or multiple rows 

Table registration 

A subagent can register full and partial tables; partial table registration means that some columns of a table can be registered; for example, if a table has columns c1-c5, a subagent can then register a partial table managing c3 and c5 columns (only) of that table 

Duplicate registration 

NOT allowed 

Overlapping registration 

In the case of overlapped registration, the Master Agent dispatches requests on the basis of best OID match