Solstice Enterprise Agents 1.0 User Guide

6.6.4 Specific Mapping Considerations

The DMI specification has reserved ComponentId=1 for the DMI SP. The specification also defines the MIF file for the SP. The network administrator must take this into consideration when creating the .MAP files or when specifying the OID preference as a command-line parameter to the miftomib utility. Every MIF file must contain a standard group with ID 1.

Table 6-4 ComponentID Group Translated to DMI MIB

MIS Object Identifier and 


MIF Data 




INTEGER (1...217483647) 

Component ID 

Unique value for component 

Assigned at installation by the SP, it communicates with this component until uninstalled; managing applications record this ID to request attributes later 


DisplayString (0...64)  

Attribute "Manufacture" 

Value assigned by the component provider 

The name of the organization that produced this component 


DisplayString (0...64) 

Attribute "Product" 

Value assigned by the component provider 

Name of the component 


DisplayString (0...64) 

Attribute "Version" 

Value assigned by the component provider 

Version of the component 


DisplayString (0...64) 

Attribute "Serial Number" 

Value assigned by the component provider 

Serial number of component 



Attribute "Installation" 

Value assigned by the SP at installation time 

28-octet displayable string composed of date and time 


Integer (0...7) 

Attribute "Verify" 

Verification level of this component at installation time 

A request for this attribute causes the component to find out if it is still in the system and working properly 

With this mapping, any MIF that is installed with the DMI has at minimum the ComponentID Group visible to management applications. All attributes within this group have read-only access. As MIFs become standard and are translated into MIBs, they become accessible but have additional anchor points in the DmtfGroups tree. For example, if the software MIF were defined, the translation would provide a DMISW MIB and be anchored as follows:



Managing applications must be prepared for the same component to be visible in two different branches of the DmtfGroups tree.

Additional OID prefixes: