Solaris 7 3/99 Online Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

Localization Bugs

x86 only: Cannot Add a New User With SolsticeTM AdminTools in Arabic or Hebrew Locales (4159527)

If you log in as root in the Arabic or Hebrew locale, you cannot add or modify users with the SolsticeTM AdminToolsTM. The Add User window is displayed but is blank. This problem occurs whenever you add or modify information about the user in all subwindows.

Workaround: Use root to add or modify information about users.

x86 only: Some Custom Arabic TrueType Fonts May Cause an Intel XServer To Crash (4161002)

If applications are using custom fonts rather than system fonts, the XServer may crash on x86 platforms. The problem occurs because some characters in the font are exceeding the height limitation specified with the font.

Workaround: Provide an unhinted version of the offending font. The height of unhinted versions is usually lower.

Arabic 16-Bit Proportional Fonts Clip Characters (4167851)

If you use Arabic 16-bit proportional fonts in the Solaris 7 operating environment, the characters are only partially displayed on the screen.

Workaround: Only use monospace fonts.

Static Desktop Text Is Not Enabled For Complex Text Layout (4170194)

Static text, such as icon text and Workspace panel text, has not been enabled for Complex Text Layout. Therefore, the Arabic and Hebrew translations of English static text do not display correctly.