Solaris 7 3/99 Online Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

End of Software Support Statements for Future Releases of the Solaris Operating Environment

HotJava Browser

Sun's current plan is that the HotJava Browser may not be included in a future Solaris release. However, this plan is subject to change at Sun's sole discretion.

F3 Font Technology

F3 fonts and the TypeScaler rasterizer, Sun Microsystems' proprietary scalable font technology, may be removed in a future release. Sun Microsystems, Inc. will continue to support the industry standard font formats Type1 and TrueType.


XGL may be removed in a future release. Starting with the Solaris 7 release, the following warning is generated when a XGL program is compiled:

#error: "XGL has been declared Obsolete and may not be present in
versions of Solaris after 7.
#define SUNXGL_WARNING_DISABLE (or use -D) to disable this message."

To compile a XGL program, disable the message by adding #define to the program:


or by using the following compiler directive:


Derived type paddr_t

The paddr_t data type found in sys/types.h is not supported in the 64-bit compilation environment. It is currently only available in the 32-bit compilation environment. It may be removed from all compilation environments in a future release.

Solaris JavaTM Development KitTM: JNITM 1.0 Interface

The 1.0 version of the Java Native Interface (JNI 1.0) may not be supported by the Solaris Java Development Kit version 1.2 (JDK 1.2).

Support in the Solaris Java Development Kit (JDK) for the 1.0 version of the Java Native Interface (JNI 1.0) may be removed in a future release. JNI 1.0 is also known as the Native Method Interface (NMI).

Kerberos Version 4 Client

The Kerberos version 4 client may be removed in a future release. This includes the Kerberos version 4 support in the kinit(1), kdestroy(1), klist(1), ksrvtgt(1), mount_nfs(1M), share_nfs(1M), and kerbd(1M) commands, in the kerberos(3N) library, and in the ONC RPC programming API (kerberos_rpc(3N)).

Planned Changes to Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for User Accounting Data

There are two sets of APIs that allow user accounting data to be accessed by applications. The preferred set of programming interfaces for accessing and manipulating user accounting information is described on the getutxent(3C) man page. These are both more capable and more portable than the older getutent(3C) routines.

Older applications may access the underlying accounting files directly. The files /var/adm/utmp and /var/adm/wtmp, and the corresponding symbolic links /etc/utmp and /etc/wtmp may be removed in a future release. The format of the data contained in these files constrain the future evolution of the Solaris operating environment. Applications using these files should be updated to use the documented and supported APIs.

Applications that are already using the getutent(3C) family of routines may be unaffected on small system configurations. However, in future releases these interfaces may return errors when used on very large system configurations. For this reason, use the getutxent(3C) routines for both old and new code in place of the getutent(3C) APIs.

x86 only: Console Subsystem

The console subsystem for the Solaris operating environment running on an x86 based system may be replaced in a future release. The replacement may be more compatible with one for the Solaris operating environment running on a SPARC based system and therefore provides for future extensibility. This may invalidate a large number of undocumented and unsupported interfaces, as well as some documented interfaces.

Documented interfaces:

Undocumented and unsupported interfaces:

x86 only: Support of Video Devices

Support for the following video devices may be removed in a future release:

x86 only: Driver Support

The Solaris operating environment running on an x86 based system currently supports numerous devices based on the ISA and EISA I/O buses. Support for these devices and the device drivers written specifically for them may be removed in a future release.

The following device drivers that support only ISA and EISA devices may be removed in a future release. Note that drivers marked with an asterisk (*) also support PCI devices; these drivers continue to be included in the Solaris operating environment to support PCI devices only.

SCSI Host Bus Adapters, Disk Arrays/RAID Controllers


Adaptec AHA-1510A, AHA-1520A/1522A, AHA-1530P/1532P, AIC-6260, AIC-6360 (ISA)

Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 SCSI-2 Interface


Adaptec AHA-1540B/1542B, AHA-1540C/1542C, AHA-1540CF/1542CF, AHA-1540CP/1542CP (ISA)


Adaptec AHA-1740/1742A (EISA)


Adaptec AHA-2740/2742, AHA-2740A/2742A, AHA-2740T/2742T, AHA-2740AT/2742AT, AHA-2740W/2742W, AHA-2840A/2842A, AHA-2840VL/2842VL, AIC-7770, AIC-7770 Rev. E (EISA, VLB)


BusLogic/Mylex BT-440C, BT-445C, BT-445S, BT-542B, BT-545C, BT-545S, BT-742A, BT-746C, BT-747C, BT-747S, BT-757C, BT-757CD, BT-757S (ISA, EISA, VLB)


Compaq 32-bit Fast-Wide SCSI-2/E, Integrated 32-bit Fast-Wide SCSI-2/E (support removed for EISA only)


Compaq SMART Array Controller (EISA)


Compaq SMART-2 EISA Array Controller (support removed for EISA only)


DPT PM2011, PM2012B, PM2021, PM2022, PM2041, PM2041W, PM2042, PM2042W, PM2122, PM2142W, PM3021, PM3222, PM3222UW, PM3332UW (ISA, EISA)


Mylex DAC960E (support removed for EISA only)


Trantor T348 MiniSCSI Plus Parallel

Adaptec APA-348 MiniSCSI

Ethernet Network Adapters


3Com EtherLink III (3C509, 3C509B, 3C592 Bus Master, 3C597-TX Bus Master) (support removed for ISA, EISA only)


Allied Telesyn AT-1500, AT-1500T-Plus, AT-1500BT-Plus (support removed for ISA only)

AMD PCnet-ISA controller chip

Cabletron E-2210

Microdyne NE2000, NE2500plus


Compaq NetFlex-2 DualPort ENET, NetFlex-2 ENET-TR Controllers (EISA)


Compaq NetFlex-3/E (all models) (support removed for EISA only)


Intel EtherExpress 16, EtherExpress 16TP, EtherExpress 16C (82586) (ISA)


Intel EtherExpress 32, EtherExpress Flash32, EtherExpress FlashC (82596) (EISA)

Unisys EISA Ethernet controller

Unisys U6000/DT2 integrated Ethernet controller


Intel EtherExpress PRO (82595), EtherExpress PRO/10+ (82595FX) (ISA)


Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 (82556) (support removed for EISA only)


Novell/Eagle Technology NE2000, NE2000plus (ISA)

Accton EN1625, EtherCombo-16

Alta EtherCombo-16 T/C

Kingston KNE2000T+, KNE2002+, KNE2031+, KNE2121+, KNE2121H

National Semiconductor Infomover NE2000plus

Olicom EtherCom ISA/II

Thomas Conrad NE2000


Novell/Eagle Technology NE3200 (EISA)


SMC Elite32 (8033) (EISA)


SMC Elite32C Ultra (8232) (EISA)


SMC Ether 10/100 (9232) (EISA)


SMC EtherCard PLUS (8003), EtherCard PLUS Elite (8013), EtherCard PLUS Elite16 (8013), EtherCard Elite16 Ultra (8216), EtherCard Elite32T (8033T), EtherEZ (8416) (ISA)


Xircom Pocket Ethernet Adapter III (PE3 and PE2)

Token Ring Network Adapters


IBM Auto 16/4 Token Ring, Token Ring 16/4 Adapter/A, Turbo 16/4 Token Ring (ISA, EISA)

3Com TokenLink III (3C619, 3C679)


Madge Smart 16/4 AT Plus, Smart 16/4 AT PnP, Smart 16/4 EISA, Smart 16/4 ISA Client Plus, Smart 16/4 ISA Client PnP (support removed for ISA, EISA only)