Solaris 7 3/99 Online Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

x86 only: SunOS 5.7 ncrs(7D) man page Is Out-Of-Date

man page Affected: ncrs(7D)

The SunOS 5.7 ncrs(7D) man page is out-of-date. A synopsis of the new functionality is provided here; an updated ncrs(7D) man page is available at Driver Developer Site located at

The ncrs Host Bus Adapter driver is a SCSI-compliant nexus driver that supports the Symbios 53c810, 53c815, 53c820, 53c825, 53c860, 53c875, and 53c895 SCSI chips. It supports the standard functions provided by the SCSI interface: tagged and untagged queuing, Wide/Fast/Ultra SCSI, and autorequest sense, but it does not support linked commands.

The ncrs driver can be configured by defining properties in ncrs.conf. These properties override the global SCSI settings. ncrs supports these properties, which can be modified by the user: -scsi-options, -target-scsi-options, -scsi-reset-delay, -scsi-tag-age-limit, -scsi-watchdog-tick, and -scsi-initiator-id.

n -target-scsi-options overrides the -scsi-options property value for target. n can vary from decimal 0 to 15. ncrs supports these scsi-options:

After periodic interval -scsi-watchdog-tick, the ncrs driver searches through all current and disconnected commands for time outs.

-scsi-tag-age-limit is the number of times that the ncrs driver attempts to allocate a particular tag ID that is currently in use after going through all tag IDs in a circular fashion. After finding the same tag ID in use -scsi-tag-age-limit times, no more commands will be submitted to this target until all outstanding commands complete or time out.

Note -

The ncrs hardware (53c895/53c875) supports Wide, Fast, and Ultra SCSI modes. The maximum SCSI bandwidth is 40 MB/sec.

Note that UltraTM SCSI is disabled by default; to enable it, edit the ncrs.conf file and set the scsi-options property to 0x1ff8.