Solaris 7 OnLine Release Notes (SUNWrdm)

Installation Bugs - SolarisTM Web Start

This section only describes known installation bugs that may occur when using Solaris Web Start, the browser-based program that enables you to install both the Solaris software and co-packaged software. These problems do not occur when using the Solaris Interactive Installation program.

Cannot Move the Root Partition (4046659)

You choose a system disk in Solaris Web Start, but you cannot move the root partition off the system disk afterwards. If you need to do this, use the Solaris Interactive Installation program instead of Solaris Web Start.

Colors May Display Incorrectly in Netscape Browser (4056980)

Different parts of the Solaris Web Start interface occasionally display the wrong color when viewed through the Netscape Communicator 4.0 for Windows browser. This only occurs when the system is set to display 256 colors. To avoid this problem, set the system to display a different number of colors.

Products May Not Use All Reserved Space (4059182)

Solaris Web Start reserves disk space based on the total requirements of all the products that you install. If you check disk space allocation after installing but before using the products, you may find a substantial amount of apparently unused space. Some of this space may be taken up when you run the software; some of it may remain unused.

Workaround: If you want to allocate less total disk space than Solaris Web Start requires, use the Solaris Interactive Installation program instead.

Web Browser May Hang or Crash With Solaris Web Start (4061657)

In some instances, a web browser may hang or crash while running Solaris Web Start. If this occurs, the Solaris Web Start session needs to be restarted.

Workaround: To Resume Using Solaris Web Start: What you do depends on the type of failure, and on where you were accessing Solaris Web Start. Select the appropriate option below.

Table 1-1 Resuming Solaris Web Start


Access from Remote System 

Access from System being Installed 

Browser vanishes 

Restart the browser and reconnect to the URL 

Choose Continue 

Browser hangs 

Kill the browser process (see below), and then restart the browser and reconnect to the URL originally provided. 

Kill the browser process (see below) and then choose Continue. 

To kill the browser process (HotJava is used here as an example), open a console window and type the command:

# ps -ef | grep java

The output of this command is as follows:

myname 11892   410  0 hh:mm:ss pts/x    0:00 grep java
myname 11878 11877 23 hh:mm:ss pts/x    X:XX /usr/java/bin/java ...

The first number in the second line is the process ID of the browser. To kill the process, type kill -9 followed by the process ID.

In this example, type:

# kill -9 11878

x86 only: The '/' Slice Extends Beyond HBA Cylinder 1023 (4062008)

If a manual file system layout is used in Solaris Web Start on IDE systems, an error message may display after the start of an installation because too much space has been allocated in the root (/) partition.

Workaround: Restart Solaris Web Start and use Automatic File System Layout.